Advanced Drawing
9 Years and Up


Love to draw and want to get better at it?

Learn how to make things look 3-D and in proportion, how to draw in perspective, how to draw faces, people and experiment with different drawing materials. Of course imaginative drawings will also be included.  We will even make a portfolio for you to keep all of your drawings and give you a set of drawing pencils.  And of course, teach you how to use them. By the end of this camp you will have the drawing skills that you need to learn to become a better artist. This advanced drawing class will include advanced concepts such as perspective and shading so the artist can  achieve more realistic drawings. June 4th camp will focus on shading techniques in all subjects.  July 23rd camp will focus on drawing faces, people, houses, cities and combinations. Students can take both classes without repeating projects.

PLEASE NOTE-These techniques may be difficult for those not yet 9 years old.

June 3- 7     CAMP IS CLOSED

Afternoon – 1:30 pm- 4:00pm  9 years and up

July 15- July 19  CAMP IS CLOSED

Afternoon – 1:30 -4:00 pm  9 years and u

               JULY 29-AUGUST 2  CAMP IS CLOSED

                Morning – 10:00AM-12:30PM 9 years and up


One half day camp $175 

Combine with another camp for a full day $325

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