Success Stories

Success Stories


Caleb Halter


caleb halter

CALEB HALTER is a graphic designer for television, print and film based in NYC.  He is currently working for Lightborne, he has worked as design and art director for Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour and other really cool projects in his few short years in business.  Caleb and his brothers and sisters were home-schooled and they joined the Art Workshop when Caleb was in elementary school.  Another avid drawer, there was nothing that he wouldn’t try!  Caleb wrote a card to me one year that said “Mrs. K,  Thank you for sharing your gifts so that we may perfect ours.”


Brian Greenwood


brian greenwood

BRIAN GREENWOOD of 300m, founded his own creative service agency 18 years ago in Columbus, Ohio  He attended Columbus College of Art and Design after high school.  Brian was always drawing and he was a true master of colored pencil techniques.  We actually received a letter from his mother thanking us for our influence on Brian.  ” Without your input and encouragement of Brian, he may have ended up a mechanic like his Dad.  But you showed him that he had that special spark, a special gift really, that allowed him to be creative.”

Liz Mandeville


LIZ MANDELVILLE, painting in her studio in Pennsylvania.  She lives and works in NYC during the week.  Liz has been an artist since she was a very little girl and we were fortunate to have her in our classes at the Art Workshop.


Clark Filio


CLARK FILIO a real character in our art classes, working in his studio in Boston. Clark works in Boston as a bike messenger when he’s not making art. Photo by Noah Rabinowitz.

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