Registration Form Fall/Spring 2018-2019


Registration Fall / Spring 2018 – 2019


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[box type=”bio”]THIS IS AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RISK AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY. BY SIGNING BELOW I AM AGREEING TO RELEASE THE ART WORKSHOP AND QUEEN CITY CLAY ITS EMPLOYEES; DIRECTORS; AND AGENTS FROM LIABILITY. I HAVE THEREFORE BEEN ADVISED TO READ THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY.I acknowledge that having my child participate in art and ceramic activities at QUEEN CITY CLAY and THE ART WORKHOP includes inherent risks, hazards, and dangers that cannot necessarily be predicted or controlled. I further understand that not all inherent risks, hazards, and dangers can be eliminated, and that the inherent risks of the activities can cause property damage, injury, illness, paralysis, or death. Some of the activities that my child may be involved in may include the use of, but are not limited to: general art supplies and materials (clay, paint, sponges, canvases, paint brushes, etc.), sharp tools, pottery wheels, slab rollers, extruders, glazing supplies, and other necessary resources and materials.I give my permission for my child to use any and all equipment necessary for participation in the program. My child may participate in any activities organized by the staff of QUEEN CITY CLAY and THE ART WORKSHOP. Use of Photography and Video: By participating in programs at QUEEN CITY CLAY and THE ART WORKSHOP,  you agree to our use for publicity and advertising purposes of any photographs, videos, art work, or any other publicity materials created while you participating in art and camp activities without any further compensation to you or any other third party.[/box]


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