Create Your Own World

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Create Your Own World

Do you love Lego’s or  Minecraft?  Building and creating new worlds, cities, houses, or stores?  Then this camp is for you! (Photo is of a Fairy World made in a suitcase, Space Station is made of clay and recycled objects, and Dragons World is made of clay, Land of the Zombies is clay, cardboard, wood, paper and paint.  And Candy Land is made of, well, you know!

During our week, we will utilize the clay, cardboardto help us as we design and make a new creation imagined by YOU!  All the materials at the Workshop clay, wood, fabric, paint, papier mache, beads etc.) will be available for you to construct and fabricate your creation.  Will it be a world where insects rule?  A city built out of triangles for triangle people?  A house with a pool on the roof?  An art store that allows you to paint on the wall?  If you can imagine it, you can build it.  Anything is possible!

July 30 – August 3

Afternoon – 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm  (ages 7 and up)

One half day camp $175

Combine with another camp for a full day $325

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